Xiamen Stonelink Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., established in 2012, professional supplier in China with over 12 years experience in the stone business, and one stop service system, as manufacturing and trading combo with strict quality control and competitive price. We have 2 slab showrooms and warehouses, and stone manufacturing and processing base in Shuitou, with the best machines and high-technology from Italy, we also have a boutique city selection center in Xiamen Sea World. Except manufacturing, we have design team, sales team, technical team and inspection team to offer you a perfect service. With our extensive knowledge of material availability and resources, we manage to secure rights to the domestic and foreign quarries such as Raggio Verde, Bianca Oro, Bianco Vena, lazy Sunday and Super Cedar, offering you a broad selection of full range of natural stones and artificial stones, we can be ready to supply to any project almost immediately. So far, we supplied Royal Atlantics Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and so on. We deliver partnership, beyond mere products or projects. We aim at being our clients’ eyes and ears, making our office clients’ office in China, letting all of our clients’ purchasing and shipping extremely convenient. Choosing Xiamen Stonelink means choosing the source. We are your source! We are your best choice!

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