• Iran, a Famous Origin of Stone - Travertine Series
    Iran, a Famous Origin of Stone - Travertine Series
    There are a variety and richness of marble varieties, and marble from different places has different feelings. In addition to Chinese marble, there are also imported marble. For example, Iran, Türkiye, Italy and Brazil are the world's stone raw materials exporting countries. They have various varieties, rich reserves and high quality. Today, let me introduce the varieties and distribution of Iran, one of the four major marble producing origins in foreign countries.   There are over 5000 stone processing plants and 1200 mines in Iran, with over 900 stone mines already mined. As for the stone resources of Iran as a whole, the stone resources currently developed only account for 25% of the country's stone resources, with 75% remaining undeveloped. Lorestan Province is a major mining and construction stone deposit in the western province of Iran, with 400 cutting machinery and processing companies in the region alone. So, Iran's stone resources have a considerable strength internationally.   Iran has 32 provinces, each with abundant granite and marble. According to the geographical location of Iran, there are travertine and marble in the north, abundant varieties of granite in the south, and more marble and travertine resources in the central region, with fewer granite resources. The surrounding areas of its borders are mainly composed of granite resources.   Common Iranian travertine varieties in China: Iran beige travertine belong to the beige series color scheme, with a light and soft color. It is named after many holes, and the scientific name for its stone is tuff or limestone. In commercial terms, it is classified as marble. The paleontological fossils presented from the travertine form natural patterns, which are very suitable for indoor wall bodies, floors, hand washing box craftsmanship, and exterior wall materials. Iran yellow travertine is beige in color with alternating yellow and white patterns. Its advantages are simple and natural, elegant and noble. It has a higher hardness than ordinary stones, and is elegant and noble. It is an ideal material for halls, curtain walls, and columns. Iran white travertine is the species with the whitest color, hardest quality, and densest structure among all travertine, with even and finer patterns. The texture inside the travertine is the hardest. The style is simple and natural, elegant and noble, making it an ideal material for halls, curtain walls, and columns. Iran red travertine is a red travertine with clear layering and distinct pores. A bright red background with yellow stripes. Its unique texture highlights the exotic and mysterious colors of Southeast Asia. Suitable for interior decoration, background walls, floors, toilets, countertops, etc.
    - Jun 17, 2024
  • China's Chang'e-6 Launches with a
    China's Chang'e-6 Launches with a "Stone-Woven" Five-Star Red Flag, Highlighting New Frontiers in the Stone Industry
    BEIJING - In a groundbreaking achievement that underscores China's commitment to lunar exploration and the innovative application of traditional materials, the Chang'e-6 lunar probe recently embarked on its journey to the moon carrying a unique payload: a Five-Star Red Flag fabricated from volcanic basalt fiber. This "stone-woven" flag not only represents a symbolic triumph for China's space program but also signals new horizons for the global stone industry. The flag, weighing merely 11.3 grams, was meticulously crafted using advanced spinning and weaving techniques developed by researchers at Wuhan Textile University. Its core material, sourced from the county of Weixian in Hebei Province, is a testament to the versatility of basalt, a common volcanic rock transformed into an extraordinary symbol of national pride.   Basalt fibers, renowned for their exceptional strength, heat resistance, and durability, were chosen due to their ability to withstand the harsh lunar environment. The process involved crushing the basalt stone, melting it into a molten state, and then spinning it into ultrafine fibers thinner than a human hair. These fibers were further processed into yarn, woven into fabric, and finally dyed to create the iconic red and yellow hues of China's national flag.   This technological feat is not just a milestone for space exploration; it showcases the potential for the stone industry to contribute to high-tech applications. Basalt, once primarily used in construction and insulation, is now proving its worth in the realm of aerospace, where lightweight yet durable materials are paramount.   "The successful deployment of the basalt fiber flag on the moon's surface is a demonstration of how the integration of traditional industries with cutting-edge technology can lead to revolutionary advancements," commented Professor Zhang Wei, a leading researcher from Wuhan Textile University who was involved in the project. "It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for the stone industry, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was achievable."   Industry experts believe this innovation could spur the development of novel basalt-based products for extreme environments on Earth, such as deep-sea exploration or high-temperature industrial applications, thereby revitalizing the stone industry sector and fostering sustainable economic growth.   China's Chang'e-6 mission, launched on May 3rd from the Wenchang Space Launch Center aboard a Long March 5B rocket, aims to conduct scientific surveys and collect samples from the unexplored lunar south pole. The inclusion of the stone-woven flag adds a symbolic dimension to this technically challenging endeavor, underlining China's ambition to pioneer not just in space but also in the realms of materials science and engineering.   As the world watches the historic mission unfold, the basalt flag waving proudly on the moon's barren landscape stands as a beacon of human ingenu...
    - Jun 10, 2024
  • The Dragon Boat Festival and Its Unique Connection to Stone
    The Dragon Boat Festival and Its Unique Connection to Stone
    The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Double Fifth Festival, is a significant cultural event celebrated annually in China, which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It commemorates the ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan, who threw himself into the Miluo River in despair over the corruption of his homeland's rulers. Today, the festival is marked with dragon boat races, the consumption of traditional food like zongzi (rice dumplings), and the hanging of fragrant herbs to ward off evil spirits. However, there is a unique way to celebrate this ancient holiday by incorporating the beauty and durability of natural stone. Natural stone, a product of millions of years of geological evolution, has always been admired for its unique textures, colors, and durability. From marble and granite to travetine and onyx, each type of stone carries its own story and elegance. In modern homes, stone is increasingly being used in interior design to create a sense of luxury and tranquility. The fusion of the Dragon Boat Festival and stone design is not only a celebration of tradition but also a testament to the enduring beauty of natural materials. Imagine a home decorated with stone countertops, flooring, and even furniture, all designed to reflect the spirit of the festival. The cool, smooth surfaces of the stone can represent the clarity of Qu Yuan's poetic vision, while the intricate patterns and colors can evoke the festive atmosphere of dragon boat races and the vibrant hues of traditional costumes.   Furthermore, the use of stone in home design is not just aesthetic. Natural stone is also incredibly durable, able to withstand the test of time and maintain its beauty for generations. This durability aligns perfectly with the enduring cultural significance of the Dragon Boat Festival, which has been celebrated for over 2,000 years.   Behind the scenes, the craftsmanship and precision of stone processing factories are also worthy of celebration. The skilled workers who transform raw stone into beautiful, functional products are the unsung heroes of this fusion of tradition and design. Their dedication to their craft ensures that each piece of stone used in home design is of the highest quality.   The Dragon Boat Festival is a time for reflection, celebration, and the appreciation of cultural heritage. By incorporating the beauty and durability of natural stone into our homes, we can celebrate this ancient holiday in a unique and meaningful way. The fusion of tradition and stone elegance not only honors the past but also creates a timeless, elegant space that will be enjoyed for generations to come.
    - Jun 03, 2024
  • Four color schemes to create an atmosphere, high aesthetic marble kitchen design
    Four color schemes to create an atmosphere, high aesthetic marble kitchen design
    When it comes to the kitchen, most people's first impression is of the busy figure cooking and the delicious food, but through the design and decoration of different color schemes, the kitchen can also be given different beauty and surprises. I believe many people will choose marble as the material for kitchen countertops. Its atmospheric appearance, unique texture, and easy to clean and durable properties are deeply loved by people. Moreover, marble has strong plasticity and a wide variety of types, which can be well matched with various decoration styles. Part. 01 White marble kitchen The white marble series has been quite popular recently. White marble is elegant and luxurious, with an overall simple and elegant visual sense, combined with a dignified and high-end texture. It is used as a kitchen countertop, creating a grand and elegant atmosphere. Part. 02 Grey marble kitchen Gray marble kitchen is a fashionable, minimalist, and practical design choice. Gray marble usually has a low-key and elegant quality, which can add a sense of nobility and texture to the kitchen. Part. 03 Black marble kitchen Black marble kitchens usually give people a modern, luxurious, and fashionable feeling. Black marble usually has a high glossiness, adding a high texture and luster to the kitchen. Part. 04 Green marble kitchen A green marble kitchen is a fresh, natural, and vibrant design choice. Green marble can give people a warm and comfortable feeling, making the kitchen not only a place for cooking, but also a place for family members to gather and enjoy life.
    - May 27, 2024
  • Marble staircase | Comparison of charm between Volakas marble and Arabescato marble
    Marble staircase | Comparison of charm between Volakas marble and Arabescato marble
    Which marble do you prefer, Volakas or Arabescato? When choosing marble for stairs, it is necessary to consider the coordination of color and texture with the home style to maintain overall unity. Meanwhile, personal aesthetic preferences are also crucial. Today I will share two sets of cases: Volakas marble stairs, which is fresh and elegant, and Arabescato marble stairs, which stands out prominently. Which style do you prefer more? The charm of Volakas marble lies in its pure white base intertwined with elegant gray stripes, creating a fresh and refined picture. Its texture is unique and rich in layering, like the divine craftsmanship of nature, perfectly presented on every piece of stone. When this type of stone is used for staircase decoration, it not only showcases a noble and elegant temperament, but also creates a peaceful and still atmosphere. The pure white color of Volakas marble symbolizes purity and beauty, allowing people to feel the tranquility and comfort of their hearts with every step. The unique feature of the Arabescato marble is that on the gray white interwoven base, the dark gray lines meander like flowing water, forming a distinct visual contrast. The texture of Arabescato marble is dominated by black, with gray as a decoration. The spacing between the patterns is relatively spacious, making the overall effect more eye-catching. In high-end indoor decoration, Arabescato marble is considered a masterpiece, with its unique texture and color, which endows stairs with a unique charm and grace.
    - May 20, 2024
  • Rare Luxury Stone Amazon Green: The Green Charm is Unstoppable
    Rare Luxury Stone Amazon Green: The Green Charm is Unstoppable
    Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite, a precious translucent stone originating from the depths of Brazil's tropical rainforest, stands out in the stone industry with its unique charm. It combines rare blue-green gemstones, interwoven with quartzite of varying shades and distinct layers, and deep black mica, presenting a noble and elegant picture like a peacock opening its screen. The color and texture of this stone seem to be a carefully crafted artwork by nature, which makes people cannot help but admire it.   The unique form of Amazon Green quarries, distributed in strips, poses great challenges for mining operations. Moreover, due to the high difficulty of mining and the significant impact of climate, mining work has to be suspended once it encounters rainy days. As a typical subtropical rainforest climate region, Brazil has abundant summer rainfall, which undoubtedly further increases the difficulty of extracting Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite. However, these difficulties did not stop people from pursuing this precious stone. The quality of the stone in different layers of the extracted Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite varies. But it is precisely these differences that make each Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite unique and have extremely high collectible value. In the stone market, Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite is highly sought after for its rarity and uniqueness, with high prices. Depending on the quality of the slab, its selling price ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands, fully reflecting its preciousness and rarity.   The beauty of Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite lies not only in its unique color and texture, but also in its clear blue and green like the sea under sunlight. Under the sunshine, its white texture flickers like foam under the sun, giving a fresh and refined feeling. This type of stone not only has high artistic value, but is also regarded as a spiritual stone by people. People believe that it can gradually improve the living environment and bring good luck. Therefore, more and more families are starting to use Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite in their home decor. In living spaces, Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite is mostly used as a decoration for background walls and countertops. Its unique texture and gem like green add a touch of brightness to the home space, becoming the finishing touch of home decoration. Whether it's a modern minimalist style living room or a retro European style villa, Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite can perfectly blend in and showcase its unique charm.   Every piece of Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite is a masterpiece of nature, showcasing its unique texture and color to the world, showcasing the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature. Whether in the stone market or home decoration, Amazon Green Brazilian quartzite has won people's love and pursuit for its precious value and unique charm.
    - May 13, 2024
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