Marble staircase | Comparison of charm between Volakas marble and Arabescato marble

May 20, 2024

Which marble do you prefer, Volakas or Arabescato? When choosing marble for stairs, it is necessary to consider the coordination of color and texture with the home style to maintain overall unity. Meanwhile, personal aesthetic preferences are also crucial. Today I will share two sets of cases: Volakas marble stairs, which is fresh and elegant, and Arabescato marble stairs, which stands out prominently. Which style do you prefer more?

Volakas amarble stairs

The charm of Volakas marble lies in its pure white base intertwined with elegant gray stripes, creating a fresh and refined picture. Its texture is unique and rich in layering, like the divine craftsmanship of nature, perfectly presented on every piece of stone. When this type of stone is used for staircase decoration, it not only showcases a noble and elegant temperament, but also creates a peaceful and still atmosphere. The pure white color of Volakas marble symbolizes purity and beauty, allowing people to feel the tranquility and comfort of their hearts with every step.

Arabescato marble stairs

The unique feature of the Arabescato marble is that on the gray white interwoven base, the dark gray lines meander like flowing water, forming a distinct visual contrast. The texture of Arabescato marble is dominated by black, with gray as a decoration. The spacing between the patterns is relatively spacious, making the overall effect more eye-catching. In high-end indoor decoration, Arabescato marble is considered a masterpiece, with its unique texture and color, which endows stairs with a unique charm and grace.

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