Tundra Grey marble slab
Tundra Grey marble slab
Tundra Grey marble slab
Tundra Grey marble slab
Tundra Grey marble slab
Tundra Grey marble slab
Tundra Grey marble slab

Natural Tundra Grey marble slab

Natural Tundra Grey marble slab, with its unique gray charm, is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor decoration, injecting a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere into the space. The gray tone of Natural Tundra Grey marble slab is like the summit of a Nordic snow mountain, pure and profound. This gray color not only makes people feel comfortable and peaceful, but also forms a perfect contrast and fusion with other colors, bringing a sense of hierarchy and dimensionality to the space.

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    Xiamen, China

Product Description

Natural Tundra Grey marble slab’s texture presents a natural wave like and irregular pattern, resembling the strokes of nature, turning each large piece into a unique artwork. Compared to other stones, Tundra Grey could make large-scale use more harmonious and unified. Whether it's laying floors, decorating walls, or creating countertops and background walls, it can create a sophisticated and minimalist style for the space with its stable color tone. After strict selection and processing, this large slab has excellent physical properties and can resist various wear and damage in daily life. Whether indoors or outdoors, it can provide long-lasting decorative effects for spaces with its resilient quality. Natural Tundra Grey marble slab's sense of luxury is not only reflected in its appearance, but also in the unique temperament it conveys. Whether it is a modern minimalist style or a traditional classic style, it can add a touch of elegance and nobility to the space with its unique charm. Whether it is a commercial space or a home environment, it can bring a sense of tranquility and comfort to the space with its elegant temperament. Natural Tundra Grey marble slabs are an excellent stone product that combines aesthetics and practicality.



Product name

Natural Tundra Grey marble slab








Customized, 3000mm↑↓*2000mm↑↓*16/18/20/30mm*


2.8 ton/m³

Thickness tolerance

+/- 1mm


Any trail order is welcomed 


Free samples are available

Finish available 

Polished, honed, leather, sandblasted, antique, water-jet, flamed, pickling, acid, nature split, brushed, bush hammered, litchi, rough picked, pineapple, longan, fine picked, chiseled, axed, grooved, mushroom, blind, rough-rubbing, machine-cut, sawn cut, tumbled, etc.

Processing available

Sink-out, sink cutout, seam, rod, calibration, assembly, install hole, sealer, etc.

Quality control

100% full range of inspection with detail inspection report for approval before loading


Strong seaworthy fumigated export wooden bundles, 13 to 15 pieces of slabs per bundle


Xiamen, China

Value-added service

Free Auto-CAD drawings for dry lay and book match pattern and design solutions

Lead time

7 to 10 days after deposit is received (Based on one container quantity)

Payment terms

T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Trade Assurance



Interior and outdoor application, flooring and wall cladding, stairs covering and risers, pool side, outdoor patio, pavers, wall cap and half-wall, shower wall, tub, kitchen island, backsplash, countertop, vanity top, basin, sink, worktop, table top, kitchen top, benchtop, coffee table, cutting board, bedside lamp, coaster, furniture and accessories, sculpture and statue, fireplace, memorial and monument, tombstone and bust, composite panel, line product, landscape, pillar, column, craft, cut to size, tile, mosaic, waterjet medallion, restoration and conservation, decoration and decorative feature, etc.



Residential building: apartment, villa, condominium, mansion, co-op, farmhouse, hostel, lodging house, single or multi family home, townhouses, etc.

Commercial building: office building, shopping center, mall, supermarket, hotel, theme or amusement park, aquarium, bar (establishment), bowling alley, car wash, funeral home, marina, self-storage, theater, zoo, etc.

Institutional building: hospital, school, government building, military, office compound, stadium, galleria, civic construction, religious facility, transport, etc.

Industrial construction: manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, showroom, laboratory, data center, call center, etc.

Infrastructure: power distribution, transmitter building, etc.

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