Special Interview of the 24th Xiamen International Stone Fair in 2024 with Xiamen Stonelink - Part 2

Jan 18, 2024

Special Interview Part 2 of the 24th Xiamen International Stone Fair

Topic 2 of Interview on the 2024 Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival: Dialogue with Eva Li, General Manager of Xiamen Stonelink Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., and renowned designer Kinney Chan - on how to use the "softness" of stone to present idle beauty of space


Interview with renowned designer Kinney Chan:

How did you use stone as the main material in this fair to present the beauty of design and space? Can you briefly share the highlights and details of this design?


Kinney Chan: 

As mentioned earlier, our design this time focuses on weaving, which utilizes current stone carving techniques to carve stone into a woven form. When we go to see the development of decoration in Europe, there are actually many cases of stone and stone carving. However, due to cost and material reasons, this carving technique is rarely used anymore. Of course, there are still European styles, but can we use a modern technique to present them? So the entire space, from the first visual perspective, will give people a warmer and softer feeling, breaking the cold and stiff feeling people have towards stone.

As for the main design highlight of this time, I think it is specious but not true. That is to say, when you see something that appears similar on the surface, but in reality, it is not. This artistic technique is not widely used in the daily use of decoration materials, as people usually turn stone into art pieces and place it in their homes as decoration, which is a form of soft decoration. But this time, we presented it directly in the hardcover design, which is itself a work of art, an installation, but also exists in the space. With the assistance of lighting, heating pipes, etc., we aim to change people's initial impression of stone.


Interview with Eva Li, General Manager of Xiamen Stonelink Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.:

We stone people often talk about the soft side of stone and try to express ourselves. But it has to be said that Kinney Chan's interpretation of "softness" this time is truly romantic and concrete, also very convincing. I don't know how you felt when you saw the plan?


Eva Li: 

For Kinney's interpretation of "softness" this time, I believe he has truly achieved both romance and concreteness. He cleverly combines stone carving techniques with spatial details of arcs to present the stone in a woven form, as if melting the hardness and coldness of the stone into the art of weaving. Combined with the warm and clean color of Babylon Grey marble, the entire space is made warm and soft. Kinney concretized the abstract concept of "softness", allowing people to not only feel the beauty of stone, but also to re-examine the diversity and possibilities of stone. Kinney's design philosophy and techniques undoubtedly bring new thinking and inspiration to the field of stone design. I look forward to seeing the final presentation of this design proposal, and I believe it will bring everyone a brand new visual and tactile experience.

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