The magnificent sight of Fujian, China's giant granite quarry is breathtaking

Apr 01, 2024

G654 GraniteOn the vast land of Fujian, stone quarries are scattered everywhere. They not only provide a continuous source of power for Fujian's economic development, but also contribute a large amount of high-quality resources to the global stone market. Among these quarries, there is one that has become a leader in the stone industry in Fujian and even the whole country due to its huge scale and rich mineral resources, and it is Changtai Wutian Mountain. Changtai Wutian Mountain is located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China. With its unique geographical location and abundant mineral resources, this quarry has become the largest stone quarry in Fujian. In the past few decades, Wutian Mountain has been renowned for its high-quality G654 granite, which has been highly favored in the market, making it the world's largest G654 granite main base. The Wutian Mountain quarry has an altitude of over 800 meters and is open cut using a mining saw. There are a total of 112 pits ranging from 5 meters to 100 meters in the mining area, and 125 slag storage points with a height of 5 meters to 30 meters and a waste stone volume of 28 million cubic meters.

G654 quarry

After the complete closure of Wutian Mountain, its decades long mining history came to an end. Now, this once busy quarry has become silent, leaving only those deep pits and piles of slag, witnessing its former glory. Although Wutian Mountain has closed its quarries, its influence and status remain undiminished. Many people still remember the tremendous contribution that this quarry made to the economic development of Fujian and even the whole country. At the same time, the closed Wutian Mountain has also become a unique landscape, and perhaps in the near future, it will become an extremely famous tourist destination, attracting countless tourists to come for sightseeing.

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