Playing with Rubik's Cube - Organized by STONELINK, the 2024 China Xiamen International Stone Fair & Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival Study Tour has come to a successful conclusion - Part 2

Mar 16, 2024

Rubik's Cube Part 2In order to add fun and interactivity to the event, STONELINK has specially prepared customized Rubik's Cube made of pure natural stone from our own collections for each designer. This Rubik's Cube was co created by STONELINK and the design team Q Xiansen. It perfectly combines the texture of stone with the fun of Rubik's Cube, reflecting the designers' creativity in using stone and showcasing the beautiful vision of integrating design into life. At the event, the designers also held a Rubik's Cube competition, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere. In the end, the three winning designers received a carefully prepared gift from STONELINK.


At the end of the event, Ms. Eva Li, CEO of STONELINK, took the stage to share her feelings and summarized the study tour. She said that through this event, not only has it promoted communication and cooperation between stone suppliers and designers, but it has also demonstrated the infinite possibilities and charm of stone in residential design. In the future, STONELINK will continue to be committed to promoting the integration and development of stone and residential design, and contribute to creating a better living environment.


The successful conclusion of Playing Rubik's Cube - 2024 China Xiamen International Stone Fair & Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival Study Tour hosted by STONELINK, not only provides a platform for communication and cooperation between the stone industry and the design industry, but also injects new vitality into the innovative development of stone and living design. We look forward to more events of this kind in the future, witnessing the beautiful future of stone and residential design together.

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