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Mar 20, 2024

The 24th China Xiamen International Stone Fair & Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival

China Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Fujian, China


BOOTH: NO. C1036 & D1H9


STONELINK meets the annual Xiamen International Stone Fair as scheduled, bringing "Gravel Heart", all the beautiful stones, and the beautiful you to meet one by one.

STONELINK main booth

Main Booth C1036

STONELINK's main booth C1036 is named "WAVE", which allows the large texture of natural stone to dance in the scattered large space, giving the space a sense of movement, making the solidified building flow in the space, and displaying the beauty of the space with the wave of stone, so that we can ride the wind and waves in the turbulent times. Natural stones of different colors and textures complement each other and are exquisite.


Design Booth D1H9

This year is the first time STONELINK has participated in the Habitat Design Life Festival, and it is also the first cooperation with the famous Hong Kong designer Kinny Chen. The booth is themed "WEAVE" and combines elements such as sweaters. It uses weaving carving techniques to remove the hard and cold shell of the stone, showing the inner softness and warmth of the stone, breaking people's inherent impression of the stone.



Every STONELINKer condenses his or her "gravel heart" into hard small stones, gathers "gravels" into towers, and "moistens the gravel into pearls" together! In the future, we will continue to unite as one and move forward together!


The 25th Xiamen International Stone Fair in the coming year will bring you more surprises and laughter! We can build a project for you with the source, or we can find the source for your project. There are no middlemen to make the difference, we only make a firm revolutionary friendship with you!


Xiamen International Stone Fair - Looking forward to meeting you next year!

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