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Mar 29, 2024

The 24th China Xiamen International Stone Fair & Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival

China Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Fujian, China


BOOTH: NO. C1036 & D1H9

STONELINK main materials

STONELINK currently focuses on more than 21 varieties of quarry direct minerals from all around the world. In the future, there will be more exquisite natural stones mined directly from sources waiting for you to choose!


Excalibur, Brazilian natural quartzite, purple, pink, beige, gray, green and other colored precious stones are scattered on the jade plate, showing a low-saturation Morandi color system, different color blocks can match different scenes; Terra Rosa, natural quartzite, the growth rings of ancient trees are accompanied by the precipitation of time; Velvet Red, natural quartzite, rich and hot French romantic style;


Blue Water, natural marble, with vertical and horizontal water flow, smooth and elegant; Pesca Venato, natural marble, like the song of the seasons, the gilded illusion combined with splashes of ink makes the soul of China appear on the stone; Raggio Verde, natural marble, full of green, classic twill, water ripple, panda pattern, and Tiffany blue, there is always one of the four styles that will hit your heart; White natural marble, as clear as a mountain spring, comes in two forms: golden white Bianco Oro and gray white Bianco Vena; Babylon Grey, natural marble, it can be a gray-tone beige color, or a beige-tone grey color, stable structure, hard texture, small color changes, minimal color difference, suitable for large-area applications and large-scale projects, it can perfectly withstand the test of time;


Jurassic Traonyx is a natural travertine that can transmit light oh! As smooth and fluid as chocolate mousse!

STONELINK's products in Xiamen Stone Fair

We are proud to present these exceptional natural stone products at our booth. We invite you to come and see them in person, to experience their unique charm and appreciate their exquisite craftsmanship. We are confident that you will be as impressed as we are with the quality and beauty of these natural wonders.

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